Pride dates for Ireland 2021

If you are anything like us you probably want to get to as many LGBTQ+ Prides as possible (even if a lot are online this year), so we've put together a little list of when all the Prides on the island of Ireland are this year;


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Prides By Date


1st-30th June Dublin Pride

4th-6th of June Pride of Déise (Waterford)


5th-11th July Limerick Pride

9th-11th July Mayo Pride (Westport)

16th-18th July Kingdom Pride (Kerry)

26th July-1st Aug Cork Pride

28th-29th July Navan Pride

30th July-1st Aug Drogheda LGBTQ Pride (Louth)


2nd - 8th Aug Sligo Pride

2nd - 8th Aug Neuro Pride Ireland

9th-15th Aug Galway Community Pride

20th-22nd Aug Leitrim Pride

23rd-29th Aug Foyle Pride Festival

28th-29th Aug Tipperary Clonmel Community Pride


18th Sep Mid Ulster Pride

Dates By Pride (A-Z)

Pride Name Date(s)
Belfast Pride TBA
Carlow Pride Festival No Pride, special issue of TheOutMag
Cork Pride Festival 26th Jul-1st Aug
Drogheda LGBTQ Pride 30th Jul-1st Aug
Dublin LGBTQ Pride 1st-30th Jun
Dundalk Pride TBA
Enniskillen Pride TBA
Foyle Pride Festival 23rd-29th Aug
Galway Community Pride 9th-15th Aug
Kingdom Pride (Kerry) 16th-18th July
Kildare Pride TBA
Killarney Pride TBA
Leitrim Pride 20th-22nd Aug
Limerick Pride 5th-11th Jul
Mayo Pride (Westport) 9th-11th Jul
Mid Ulster Pride 18th Sep
Navan Pride 28th-29th Jul
Neuro Pride Ireland 2nd-8th Aug
Pride by the Sea, Clonakilty TBA
Pride In Newry TBA
Pride of Déise (Waterford) 4th-6th of Jun
Sligo Pride Festival 2nd-8th Aug
The Outing Festival (Co Clare)

Postponed to: 11th-13th Feb 2022 TBC

Tipperary Clonmel Community Pride 28th-29th Aug
Tipperary Pride July TBC
Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin TBA
Trans Pride NI (Belfast) Cancelled
Wexford Pride TBA
Youghal, Pride By the Sea TBA


We will be updating this as more are announced (if we've missed a Pride you know about, please do get in touch by either leaving a comment below or via the contact us page if you would rather remain anonymous and we will add it on).

Last updated: 23rd of June 2021

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