Pride dates for Ireland 2021

If you are anything like us you probably want to get to as many LGBTQ+ Prides as possible (even if a lot are online this year), so we've put together a little list of when all the Prides on the island of Ireland are this year;


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Prides By Date


1st-30th June Dublin Pride

4th-6th of June Pride of Déise (Waterford)


5th-11th July Limerick Pride

9th-11th July Mayo Pride (Westport)

16th-18th July Kingdom Pride (Kerry)

23rd July-1st Aug Belfast Pride

26th July-1st Aug Cork Pride

28th-29th July Navan Pride

30th July-1st Aug Drogheda LGBTQ Pride (Louth)


2nd - 8th Aug Sligo Pride

2nd - 8th Aug Neuro Pride Ireland

9th-15th Aug Galway Community Pride

20th-22nd Aug Leitrim Pride

20th-22nd Aug Tipperary Pride

23rd-29th Aug Foyle Pride Festival

28th Aug Wexford Pride

28th-29th Aug Tipperary Clonmel Community Pride


18th Sep Mid Ulster Pride


17th Oct Youghal Pride, by the sea

24th Oct Quare Clare Pride Festival

24th-30th Oct Ace Aro Pride

Dates By Pride (A-Z)

Pride Name Date(s)
Ace Aro Pride (Ireland/Online) 24th-30th Oct
Belfast Pride 23rd July-1st Aug
Carlow Pride Festival No Pride, special issue of TheOutMag
Cork Pride Festival 26th Jul-1st Aug
Drogheda LGBTQ Pride 30th Jul-1st Aug
Dublin LGBTQ Pride 1st-30th Jun
Dundalk Pride No Pride, special video
Enniskillen Pride Hoping to be back in 2022
Foyle Pride Festival 23rd-29th Aug
Galway Community Pride 9th-15th Aug
Kingdom Pride (Kerry) 16th-18th July
Kildare Pride Hoping to be back in 2022
Killarney Pride No News
Leitrim Pride 20th-22nd Aug
Limerick Pride 5th-11th Jul
Mayo Pride (Westport) 9th-11th Jul
Mid Ulster Pride 18th Sep
Navan Pride 28th-29th Jul
Neuro Pride Ireland 2nd-8th Aug
Quare Clare Pride Festival 24th October
Pride by the Sea, Clonakilty No News
Pride In Newry No News
Pride of Déise (Waterford) 4th-6th of Jun
Sligo Pride Festival 2nd-8th Aug
The Outing Festival (Co Clare)

Postponed to: 11th-13th Feb 2022 TBC

Tipperary Clonmel Community Pride 28th-29th Aug
Tipperary Pride 20th-22nd Aug
Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin No News
Trans Pride NI (Belfast) Cancelled
Wexford Pride 28th Aug
Youghal, Pride By the Sea 17th October


We will be updating this as more are announced (if we've missed a Pride you know about, please do get in touch by either leaving a comment below or via the contact us page if you would rather remain anonymous and we will add it on).

We are planning on doing a comprehensive list like this again for Prides 2022! If you are part of a Pride that has set their 2022 dates please do let us know, so we can have you on the list for next year! (Either leave a comment here or use our Contact Us page to get in touch)

Last updated: 17th of October 2021

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