2024 Pride dates around Ireland

If you are anything like us you probably want to get to as many LGBTQ+ Prides as possible.

So with that in mind, we've put together a list of when all the LGBTQ+ Prides on the island of Ireland are this year (we have also included a few non-LGBTQ+ Pride that might interest you);

Prides By Date

Please note:

TBC, means To Be Confirmed, which may mean that dates may be changed.


25th - Wexford Pride

27th May to 2nd June - Pride of Déise

31st May to 3rd June - Mayo Pride


2nd - Inishowen Pride

14th to 16th - Clonmel Pride

15th - Longford Pride

15th - Dungarvan Pride

20th to 29th - Dublin Pride

22nd - Omagh Pride

28th June to 6th July - Dundalk Pride


1st to 6th - Wicklow Pride Festival

4th to 7th - Bród na Gaeltachta Cloich Cheann Fhaola

8th to 13th - Navan Pride

8th to 14th - Limerick Pride

13th - Mullingar Pride

13th - Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin

14th - Carlow Pride Festival

18th to 21st - Kingdom Pride

19th to 28th - Belfast

29th July to 5th August - Cork Pride


1st to 8th - Neuro Pride Ireland

2nd to 3rd - Letterkenny Pride

7th to 11th - Sligo Pride Festival

10th - Mid Ulster Pride

10th to 18th - Galway Pride

17th - Meath LGBT Pride

15th to 25th - Foyle Pride Festival

22nd to 31st TBC - Pride in Newry TBC

23rd to 25th - Roscommon Pride

24th TBC - Youghal, Pride by the Sea TBC

31st - Kildare Pride

26th Aug to 1st Sep TBC - Leitrim Pride TBC


2nd to 8th - Laois Pride

6th to 7th - Fermanagh Pride

14th - Trans Pride NI

21st - Quare Clare Pride Festival

Dates By Pride (A-Z)

Please note: TBA means To Be Announced, which means there has been no new yet. Also TBC, means To Be Confirmed, which may mean that dates may be changed.

Please always check with the Pride themselves before making plans to attend, as short notice alterations to events may still happen this year.

Pride Name Date(s)
Belfast Pride 19th to 28th July
Bród na Gaeltachta Cloich Cheann Fhaola (Donegal) 4th to 7th July
Carlow Pride Festival 14th July
Clonmel Pride 14th to 16th June
Cork Pride Festival 29th July to 5th August
Drogheda LGBTQ Pride TBA
Dublin LGBTQ Pride 20th to 29th June
Dundalk Pride  28th June to 6th July
Dungarvan Pride 15th June
Fermanagh Pride 6th to 7th September
Foyle Pride Festival 15th to 25th August
Galway Community Pride 10th to 18th August
Inishowen Pride (Donegal) 2nd June
Kingdom Pride (Kerry) 18th to 21st July
Kildare Pride 31st August
Laois Pride 2nd to 8th September
Larne Pride Festival TBA
Leitrim Pride TBC 26th Aug to 1st Sep TBC
Letterkenny Pride 2nd to 3rd August
Limerick Pride 8th to 14th July
Longford Pride 15th June
Mayo Pride (Westport) 31st May to 3rd June
Meath Pride 17th August
Mid Ulster Pride 10th August
Mullingar Pride 13th July
Navan Pride 8th to 13th July
Neuro Pride Ireland 1st to 8th August
Omagh Pride 22nd June
Quare Clare Pride Festival 21st September
Pride In Newry TBC 22nd to 31st Aug TBC
Pride of Déise (Waterford) 27th May to 2nd June
Roscommon Pride 23rd to 25th August
Sligo Pride 7th to 11th August
The Outing Festival (Co Clare) 14th to 16th Feb 2025
Trans & Intersex Pride Dublin 13th July
Trans+ Pride Cork TBA
Trans Pride NI (Belfast) 14th September
Waterford Pride TBA
Wexford Pride 25th May
Wicklow Pride 1st to 6th July
Youghal, Pride By the Sea TBC 24th Aug TBC


We will be updating this list as more Pride dates are announced (if we've missed a Pride you know about, please do get in touch by either leaving a comment below or via the contact us page if you would rather remain anonymous and we will add it on).

We are planning on doing a comprehensive list like this again for Prides 2025! If you are part of a Pride that has set their 2025 dates please do let us know, so we can have you on the list for next year! (Either leave a comment here or use our Contact Us page to get in touch)

Last updated: 2nd of June 2024

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