Big Ted - Tully Crafts
Big Ted - Tully Crafts
Big Ted - Tully Crafts

Big Ted

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Acrylic hand-knitted mascot doll. If planning on giving to very young children be aware that scarf is NOT sewn on, so should be removed to avoid hazard.

Hand knitted teddy bear with scarf, so he can keep warm on those cold days.

Approx. 56cm tall, 40cm wide and 12cm deep.

All measurements are manual so may have small errors, please see images for scale (I use 15cm, 6inch ruler as my scale as this should be usable worldwide, I'm not in anyway sponsored by or endorsing Helix).

While this item is made with hand embroidered eyes and face, we do NOT recommend it for children as it isn't guaranteed safe due to it's hand-made nature. Ears and scarf could be chewed... please don't chew the bear. These items are sold as mascots NOT toys.